Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zsa Mask

Found this knitting project over at Small. Unfortunatly I really suck at knitting but for all you talented knitters out there, check it out, what little boy wouldn't want a batman beanie??

You can find other great projects and get some crafting inspiration from the prolific and talented Dutch blogger- Mme ZsaZsa.


Although the design looks complicated, it’s actually just a piece of knitted fabric with the sides stitched together.
The ears don’t have to be knitted but are shaped by wearing the hat, and the eyes are openings made by casting stitches off in one row and casting them back on in the next row.


Take a look at the pattern drawing:
You knit a rectangle of 31 stitches to a length of 40cm. Those 31 stitches are about 22cm wide, which you should get by using yarn (7-8mm) with 5-6mm knitting needles. For this hat I used a 7-8mm bulky yarn and 5mm needles and didn’t even measure the final width, because it doesn’t really matter all that much. Keep that last sentence in mind at all times!
Ok, we’re starting.
- Cast on 31 stitches and knit 4 rows in stockinette stitch, that is knitting one row (RS) and purling the next (WS).
- Row 5: knit 8 stitches, cast off 6, knit 3, cast off another 6 and knit the remaining 8.
- Row 6: purl 8 stitches, cast on 6, purl 3, cast on another 6 and purl the remaining 8.
- Row 7 and onward: continue (in stockinette stitch) to 40cm.
- Cast off all stitches.
- Stitch the sides together with the invisible mattress stitch - learn how here
- Done!

Now load a picture of your mask up to flicker at the Zsa Mask Pool

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