Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shirley Hughes

I have quickly fallen in love with Shirley Hughes illustrated books about a boy called Alfie and his little sister Annie Rose. Alfie is just an ordinary little boy that lives an ordinary life, but the stories are anything but ordinary. There are little injections of pure magic from lives golden moments. Some long stories some short, some almost poetic lines of observations and all seem to come straight from a childs perspective. My daughter loves these books because most of the stories are easy to relate to and many times go hand in hand with her own life. I can warmly recommend these books and there are luckily a lot to find in either bookstores or at your local library.

Wow... I love when you are actually looking forward to story time and get imersed into some good text that speaks to both adults and children at the same time. Happy reading out there!!

Alfie's world

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