Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini Nümph

Nümph started out as a women´s brand with a lot of soul and personality. Like the nymphs in the fairy-tales who fearlessly and with a confidence in their own strength run through the forest - these are the thoughts behind nümph. And when one of the dreamers behind nümph became pregnant, her imagination only soared further but this time to create miniature versions of nümph. Mini Nümph!

Taking on board eclectic influences from Alice to Pippi Longstocking and with a desire to design for these heroines of any girl's childhood, Mini Nümph are children's clothes for little elves at play. The size might be scaled down to fit those under eight but the personality has been dialed up even higher.
In recent years they have also added a boy's collection to their line called Kulör. With their down right awesome denim wear and colourful tees and sweats they are one of our very favorite brands at home. If you have a few minutes to spare have a peek at their wonderful LOOKBOOK.

You can find some of the clothes I picked below at the beautiful online shop Pipsqueak (DK)

Mini Nümph Spring 2011 + 2010

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