Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swedish Fauna Tee project

When we are on the topic of colour I wanted to show you the Swedish Fauna T-shirts I designed a while back. Another in-house project it was made when hearing there is a debate going on, weather to shoot more wolves, and also lynx (lodjur) in Sweden. Personally I think these two animals are among the most beautiful wild animals we have in Sweden and it made me want to be able to contribute to somehow have a small part in funding an important organisation like naturvårdsverket or any other organization that works to preserve wild life in Sweden.

The idea with these tees would be to be printed on recycled organic cotton/bamboo which would be incredible soft to wear (tribute to the softness of animals), and feature 4 of our most famous and beautiful wild animals, Berguv, Brun björn, Lodjur and Varg. A part of the proceeds would go to sponsor an organization like mentioned above. If you know a clothing company that would be up to sponsor such a project in their children's collection send me an email.

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