Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Moments | Weekend Getaway

We took the chance to get away over the long weekend. Life in the city can be great but sometimes you just long for some unknown roads and a close encounter with nature! We rented a house close to Bright, a small mountain town famous for it's good food/wine and lovely atmosphere. It is about 3 hours drive from Melbourne and in winter time there are several mountains where you can ski and snowboard on. It is also a famous destination for cyclists and action sports in general. 

There are plenty of good tracks for either 4WD or mountain biking / moto cross. On our second day we decided to head up one of the close by mountains to a look out point called Clear Spot. It was a drive into the wilderness and the kids loved the close up view of the amazing animal life they have here. We even got a few free loaders on our bonnet! The view from up there was amazing, and we could even hear the music they were playing down in the town from up here. We had a quick stop for lunch and made sure we took in the wonderful sights while eating. We were lucky with the weather which was sunny and dry and a must if you go up driving here. During the colder months it can get really icy and wet up here and then all the tracks close down for security reasons. We had a few great hours in the mountain and by the time we came down it was so nice to kick back on the river bank in town, enjoying a cold beer from the Bright Brewery.

We definitely have to come back this way when the snow has started to fall. I can't wait to show the kids some snow and I hear the autumn leafs on the trees are nothing but spectacular!

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