Friday, March 27, 2015

Bon Voyage!

That's it... TERM 1 of school, done and dusted. No more early mornings, making school lunches, finding school uniforms or getting the bikes on the back of the car (yep.. everyday morning routine here so I can bike and pick the kids up on their bikes from school). Nope no more of that - for a whole 2 weeks!

Instead we pack our bags and jump into our car to drive down the coast. We have rented a little pearl of a beach house, with great sea views and a balcony we can have breakfast on (OK here's to hoping the weather Gods offers us a bit warmer weather than we have gotten the last few days!) We have packed some warm denim goodies that goes great in both warm and cold conditions so I am sure we will be fine!

I am bringing the camera so I am sure we will be back with some nice memories to share...
until then, have a really HAPPY EASTER!

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