Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moments | C as in Curious

D wears: Hoodie by molo / Panel denims by molo / Shoes by Puma.

There is a curious streak in this boy. Constantly trying to find adventures and hidden treasures. Fortunately we live close to a bay so there is plenty of both around. Treasures comes more in the form of rocks and sea shells or the odd tennis ball than buried treasure but who cares!?

After the storm a few weeks a go lots of things were washed up on the shore and the wooden debris quickly became a pretend boat on the sea. Imagination is a beautiful thing!


  1. I LOVE these pictures, the hopping from rock to rock looks great fun.
    This Molo outfit is one of my favourite looks of theirs this season, great to see it, literaly, in action. Those trousers are properly COOL!

  2. Hi Ellie - thank you! I hear you it was my favourite outfit as well. It was such a nice afternoon on the rocks. Yes those trousers are properly cool :) Wish I had a pair!! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. awsome pictures, i;ve been following you blog for a while.You are inspiring me,good job!!


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