Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Moments | The Best Days

D wears: Hoodie by Talc / Newark jeans by I Dig Denim / Longsleeve by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by Puma / Beanie by Zoo York.

The best days are the ones where there is nothing or little on the agenda. For me I have realized its Tuesday and Friday. Not that we don't do anything on those days but it means there is enough time to do everything. Yesterday I had D with me all day and we decided to grab some sandwiches to go and go down to the ocean and watch the boats. After a quick stop to pick up some egg sandwiches, we rolled down on the scooters and it wasn't long until we saw the calm water in the bay and the many sailboats.

Off came the shoes and toes were poked into the cold sand. After some running and jumping around (which you always have to do when you are 5) we settled down on a sand dune and ate our sandwiches. This is the best time...when you are 100% in the moment and have time to answer all the questions and do things like spotting things and animals in the clouds. We ate our sandwiches and giggled at the wonky duck in the cloud and marveled at how noisy a little fishing boat engine could be.

The time always goes so quickly down here and soon it was time to head for home and pick up big sister from school. But not before we had a slow walk home, where there was enough time to stop and talk and look through little holes in the wall that was like a little window to the sea.


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