Sunday, August 3, 2014

Moments | 2 Wheel Wonder

D wears: Jacket by Mini and Maximus / Ramones pants by Munsterkids / Shoes by Vans.

Most of the time we try and leave the car at home and use either two or four wheels instead - bike, scooter or skateboard. We are lucky that most of the essential shops/stores are very close to where we live so its a good way of getting some exercise into the day. D loves his new scooter so its not hard to get him on it, even on a very windy day like this was. I love how we seem to have more time for little talks on walks like this. When you are 5 you seem to have a lot on your mind and its nice to have some time and just answer all those questions as well.

I think even parents learn a lot during this time..haha. I have had to google some of the answers to the questions so now I even know the distance to the moon from the earth (384403 km) and why is it called the milky way? (Long ago, the Romans named the galaxy “via lactea,” which translates to “road of milk.” The Romans named it via lactea precisely because it looks like a milky patch of sky above the Earth at night.) Yep we have a very space interested boy. Hope everybody has had a lovely weekend so far. 

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