Friday, July 4, 2014

Moments | Wild One

M wears: Dress by Kukukid / Leggings by Kukukid / Dino Hoodie by Kukukid / Shoes by Hummel. D wears: Thunderbolt Tee by Kukukid / Dehli Denims by I Dig Denim / Dino Hoodie by Kukukid / Shoes by Vans.

We are a couple of days into holiday and the kids seem to have gotten wild. They crave running and after a few days of begging to go to the skate park we finally went today. They were lucky to be trying out the great Kukukid gear I wrote about in previous post and it was the most fitting attire for a couple of wild, holiday kids.  We love the awesome dino hoodies and as you can see it fits girls as well as boys! It was a sunny but windy day and the wind was cold, but no complaints from the kids since the hoodies are thick and goes far down over the back. It is the perfect winter outfit for Australia or a great Spring/Autumn warmer for Europe.

The kids were admiring their shadows and loved comparing their spikes. Best thing with this label is no doubt their unisex feel because my almost 8 year old girl and almost 5 year old boy seem to be able to wear the same size (7/8) and all garments mix and match and works just as well for both of them.

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays out there (winter or summer)!

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