Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Close Up | KUKUKID

A monsterlicious parcel was waiting for us today when we got home from our outdoor adventures. It had a familiar cheeky dinosaur all over it so I instantly knew the kids would be liking what was inside.

I have written about Polish label Kukukid before here, and there is something extra fun about this label with its motto "we're rebel but cute". I love that it's unisex and that both my girl and boy get equally excited about wearing their colourful creations. The fabric is gorgeously soft, and the graphic contrast between the playful monsters and bolts of lightning works well for a mix n match set up between all the garments. We also got the famous dino hoodies which are so nice. Made from thick fleece, it has an impressive silhouette that I can only do justice if I show it in action. Both kids are super eager to try it out so I will make sure to show you just how wonderful it is when it's worn.

You can find Kukukid in Australia here and if you are in Europe check out their own webshop

Check out their cool campaign on their website and find out more about this fun label:


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