Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Moments | Holiday Wear

D wears: Sweater by Gray Label / Pants by Nununu / Beanie by Vans / Shoes by MAA.
M wears: Knitted Sweater by Rika / Dress by Soft Gallery / Leggings by Soft Gallery / Shoes by Minnetonka / Backpack by Bobo Choses.

Holidays are about being relaxed, through and through. For the kids that means everything from slow mornings, to dressing themselves in soft, comfy holiday wear. Today they both chose soft clothes to hang in and I loved their picks!

We are fortunate to have the Grandparents over for a visit which means the kiddos get to hang out a lot with each other and do the sort of things they don't normally have time to do because of school. We wake up to the chitter chatter from the kids bedroom where they start playing from the moment one of them wakes up. Sure enough there are some arguments in between the sibling bliss, but the good moments far out weighs the bad and it is so nice to see them enjoy each others company.

It is so nice to wake up in the morning and have no time constraints on figuring out what we all want to do. We got a few plans for the holiday and hopefully I have time to show you most of them (including celebrating Mr.D who turns 5!).

PS: If you like me love kids clothes with a bit of a snarl, check out Munsterkids's FB page this month where I am sharing some of my photos I took while visiting their SS14/FW14 shoot, 'Backyard Warriors'.

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