Sunday, June 1, 2014

Moments | The Perfect Sunday

M wears: Jacket by Danefæ / Denim skirt by Baobab / Leggings by Popupshop / Gumboots by Bergstein. D wears: Jacket by Danefæ / Harem jeans by Cotton on Kids / Gumboots by Hummel Kids / Beanie by Vans.

The weather man promised rain today and lots of it. We started our Sunday in a slow pace. The kids rose early, but decided to make their own breakfast and let us have a sleep in ( I know!!! Luxury has a new meaning). After everybody was up we had a long breakfast together and just enjoyed not having to rush off anywhere. The rain was indeed coming down and it looked like it would have to be a Sunday inside. After we had enough of soaking up the peaceful start of the day we decided to hope for the best and head on out for some fresh air. The rain seem to accompany us where ever we went, but after a nice lunch at a bay resturant the raindrops seemed to dissipate and low and behold, in front of us was a large mirror like ocean, just waiting for us to come out and play.

There was no wind, no rain and a big rock pool to explore. With full tummies and a big appreciation that we got to have a whole afternoon without rain. The kids jumped from rock to rock and marveled at the trapped sea life that was in the pools. Big deep breaths of fresh air put big smiles on everybody's faces and we seem to all agree that we got the perfect Sunday to end the weekend off with.

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