Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Moments | Tuesday Bliss

D wears: Hoodie by American Outfitters / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Cap by DC / Tee by Munsterkids / Shoes by Converse.

It was a day off with Mr.D yesterday and since he was allowed to set the tone of the day, it was quickly decided that it was an outdoor kind of day. We quickly jumped on our bikes and rode down to our local deli and shopped sandwiches to bring down to the bay walk. We were so lucky with the weather that offered blue sky and a beaming sun.

There is nothing quite like sitting on sand dunes and having lunch (minus the sand that seem to sneak onto the sandwiches that is ;) After lunch we went exploring on the beach with rolled up pants and a few curious dogs on our trail trying to see what we were doing. I love these moments to just catch up and ask about things like kinder and "what's your favourite thing to do right now"... its amazing how much goes on in their world and the answer to favourite thing is always a surprise - purple dinosaurs.

After the sandwiches had been eaten the empty paper bag suddenly became the best toy... we filled it up full of sand and when it finally broke, it became the best kite!

After a icy pole break we headed out on the local pier and watched the little school of fishes in the deep water. We chatted about why they swim in schools and how they trick big fishes to not have them for lunch. We also agreed that next time we are down here we should bring our fishing poles to try our luck...

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