Monday, February 17, 2014

Moments | Life on Two Wheels

M wears: Hoodie by American Outfitters / Pants by Shampoodle / Tee by Mini Rodini / Shoes by 10IS. D wears: Longsleeve by Minti / Pants by Minti / Shoes by Natives / Backpack by Munster kids.

It had been discussed for awhile, the kids needed new bikes. D had been pushing around on his balance bike for a couple of years, and M's secondhand bmx was getting way too small. Luckily M  had been doing some modelling work and earned up money that she wanted to spend on a new bike, and little brother had patiently been waiting for a big boy bike, so we thought let's just do it all at once. It took a couple of visits to different bike stores before we finally found two bikes that were perfect for the kids age and size.

M picked a 20" Holly bike, which is a mix between a classic girls bike and a beach cruiser bike. We loved the fact that it had a sturdy frame and wheels but still had a girls touch to it with its pale blue tone and flowers. D went straight for a 16" bmx bike with training wheels (really no need for those, since he has already got the balance but the novelty of training wheels made us keep them on for a while).

So when Sunday came around it was a day out side and on two wheels for the whole family (even Dad J tagged along on the scooter). We were lucky with the weather which offered sun after a morning of rain, so after a few hours of biking we all could enjoy a rest at a beach cafe, with lunch and ice-cream for a work well done.

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