Friday, February 28, 2014

Brand Watch | Munsterkids AW14

If there is one good thing about loosing summer to autumn and winter then it has to be Munsterkids new AW14 collection, now out in stores. I am loving their latest campaign "Where The Wild Kids Play" and there are must have pieces in all of their 4 collections, Munster for the boys, Missie for the girls and Mini and Lil Missie for the youngest hipsters.

Welcome to Munster Kids Autumn/Winter 2014; a pride of hearty cut n’ sew pieces designed for untamed ruckus or whilst being shipwrecked in scuffed and dirty shoes. This collection is inspired by the boldness of the wilderness; where bright yellow lions, burly bears & toothy sharks, run amok with vivid toucans and wise old wintery owls - all against a palette of grass greens, crayon blues, scribbled textures and dark earthy hues.

As lyrical prints pounce off skinny overalls and slouchy lounge pants slither down to embrace tiny ankles, cosy reversible hoodies and military’esque varsity jackets snugly cloth furry, little limbs…

This season, the animal kingdom’s warm camaraderie is echoed through the Munster kids's wild, kindred spirit on those shorter, cooler days and nights. We got a few favourites already - how good is that Bite jacket with jagged tooth details!? And my shark loving boy will of course go wild when he sees the Off the Plank long sleeve with a shark graphic on. My girl will go wild for the animal prints this season, there are so much to choose between and it will definitely put a wild but gorgeous spin on an otherwise dark and grey winter.

You can find Munsterkids at numerous retailers across Australia, right now the collection is available online at Minibots and in Europe check out Orange Mayonnaise, La-di-da.

For more info on this collection and where to buy it, visit



  1. we love everything in this collection and heard about this label for the first time here :-D have bought it every season since!!!!

    1. Hi Joanna - it is a truly awesome kids label, glad you (your kids) found it :)


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