Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello World, Hello Fear

There seem to be a lot happening when you are 2 and a bit. Things becomes more vivid, more scary, more funny, more intense. My boy has suddenly gotten scared of flies. He thinks they are bees and for some reason (well I think I know why since he saw me with one on my nose the other day) he think they are going to fly up his nose! So now every time he sees something flying close to his heads she screams bee!!! And runs towards me with his hands over his nose. Poor thing. We have A LOT of flies in Australia in summer time.

I wonder why it has suddenly become such a big thing for him. I had a chat with another mother with a boy in a similar age who suddenly had a fear of birds. Now there is not a lot you can do outside if you have a fear of birds, at least we could catch a bee in a bottle to have a look at, not so sure about a bird... Well today we have made progress and we say shoo fly, and blow raspberries at the flies. For now it seems to work. Anybody out there who had similar experiences with 2 year olds?


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