Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dancing in the rain

The weather Gods have been crazy lately. It is a roller coaster every day. Yesterday it reached a top of 38c and today we have a measly 17c and a lot of rain. I find it completely impossible to keep the kids inside no matter what the weather has to offer, so it didn't take long until Mika ran outside for a quick rain dance. I did my best to follow the fun with a camera. We recently received some nice clothes that we ordered from Nonchalant Mom and Oii, and what better time than this to try them out?? Beanie and leggings from Mini Rodini and Tee from Nico Nico.


  1. Looks like she's having loads of fun! =)

  2. Sari, she did... my son got even wetter though! See him here..

    Sometimes it is good to just go...what ever, lets get wet! :)


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