Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Took at trip to the city today... what a buzz. So many people, so much to look at so many colours! Wow, I have to venture into the city more often, it's really a fun experience. Dante was loving all the sights to look at ( I guess so much that after our shared French lunch crepe he nodded off a second time). We took a short cut through Union Lane (famous for it's graffiti) and wow.. there are really some great art there!! So many layers, so much textures.. I loved it. So did Dante who really chirped up and pointed at all the colourful images, for him it must have been like one giant colourful book!

After we had done our birthday shopping for J we headed to Federation Square to check out the Tim Burton exhibition. This is going to be so good! But another day.. I guess when it's school holiday it will be packed with kids... so we snuck home on the train and stopped off at Bossy Boots for a quick cappuccino and a Swiss roll...gaaaahh...so good! What a day :)

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