Thursday, February 26, 2015

Moments | Concrete Dreams

D wears: Top by Bobo Choses / Sweat by Bobo Choses / Shorts by I Dig Denim / Sneakers by Hummel.

It is the best part of summer at the moment. We are slowly moving towards Autumn so the days are not too hot and it is easier to move around on two wheels without getting too warm. We used to move around a lot with a bike trailer but lately we have all hopped on the bikes and we even bike home from school every day which has been great.

The skatepark is a place we visit often and lately my boy has been keen on trying out his bmx there. He sees the bigger boys bike in the bowl and do tricks and he is eager to learn how to master his balance on two wheels here. It is great to see him being so confident, and it is amazing to think that this time last year he was still having training wheels on. Now he loves seeking out a challenge and finding a good jump to try and get some air on, the learning curve on kids are nothing but awe-inspiring! 

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