Saturday, February 28, 2015

ART | Artist Play Series by Toca Boca

If there is one app both myself and the kids love then it's Swedish Toca Boca. Having worked in the games industry myself for over 7 years I have seen my fair share of games and made quite a few as well and I know that at the base of every good game is great characters and game play. Toca Boca definitely has both and have in many ways invented a new way of playing for kids. Also in this day and age it is hard to find apps that doesn't have in-app purchases (I am sure parents out there are tired of getting crazy bills for power up mushrooms?) You can also rest assure that there are no third-party ads. This is simply play for the play sake!

Imagination is high on the agenda and we have downloaded all of their inventive games such as Toca Kitchen, Toca Hair Salon, Toca Builders, Toca Cars, Toca Mini and Toca Nature to only mention a few. I love that they focus on games that is about playing. Forget about times and scores, the goal in these games is to have fun and play. Creation is also a corner stone in the games. You build and create and there are no rules stopping your child from exploring.

Recently they launched a collaboration with artists called ARTIST PLAY SERIES - A new project that invites international artists to celebrate the synergies of play and art by creating tools for play. The result is a series of physical toys that encourage imagination and self-expression with a US-based artist creating the first product, Toca InkThe first product in the Artist Play Series, was created in collaboration with renowned Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Virginia Elwood. Inspired by the bold graphics of Toca Boca’s characters, Elwood created six temporary tattoos that feature characters from popular Toca Boca digital toys such as Toca Kitchen Monster and Toca House, allowing kids to imagine what it would be like to have a real tattoo by one of the world’s most skilled tattoo artists.
“As a tattoo artist for over 10 years now, I regularly see how tattoos spark kids’ curiosity,” said Virginia Elwood. “Kids always want to touch a tattoo, ask questions about them and even have one drawn on them. Creating the Artist Play Series temporary tattoos was a fun way of making Toca Boca tangible for kids in the real world. I spent a lot of time playing the apps to understand the character’s personalities to transfer them to a temporary tattoo design.” - Virginia Elwood.

We have come to love these characters through all of our time spent with them in the games and the kids were thrilled to be able to get their favourite game characters on their skin. We were also pleased to see that they make their own cool tees as well! Made from 100% organic cotton and also featuring some of their many memorable game characters.

D & M is wearing Toca Boca Tee & Nova Tee.

To find out more about the Toca Boca universe visit them here:

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