Monday, March 24, 2014

Moments | Sunday Sightseeing

M wears: Sweater by Finger In the Nose / Pants by Missie Munster / Shoes by Molo. D wears: Hoody by Mini & Maximus / Pants by Munsterkids / Shoes by Natives / Cap by Beau LOves.

The wind was teasing us this weekend with colder and then warmer winds. We rugged up and visited the baywalk to view the ironman spectacle that was taking place this Sunday. The kids had fun on their scooters and climbed the palm trees with natural monkey skills. You can feel Autumn gently moving in and you can sense a change is coming very soon. Not sure if I am ready for winter yet. Somehow it feels harder for each year. You wish the summer months would last longer, but for  my family and friends over in Europe I wish they will have a taste of warmer weather soon. Hope you all had a lovely weekend out there and are ready for a new week...

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