Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Dream World | Tutu Du Monde

Tutu Du Monde is a stunning collection of Tutus and accessories designed by Andrea Rembeck. Tutu Du Monde is a range of tutus that are both Wearable and practical, insouciant and dreamy. Each tutu has a hand-made, hand-dyed, one-off, old-world feel without the frail nature of a vintage garment.

Colours are dusty pastels, details of sequins, beads and feathers, applied by hand to cotton and tulle. Each tutu is produced in small runs, in line with their own organic look. They are made to last, and in fact, get better with wear. Slight fading and fraying edges add to their charm over time and add to the vintage feel.

Each little girl dreams of being a Princess and Tutu Du Monde allows every little girl to dream and captures their imaginative play.

Their new collection 'Meeting Miss Havisham' is now available for pre-order at Minibots.



  1. That's like a childhood dream (if only they came in big sizes).. Wauw!!

    1. Sophie - I know, so beautiful!! They truly are magical :)


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