Friday, August 30, 2013

Brand Watch | NOVA STAR aw13

Swedish Nova Star is something that I have had in my kids wardrobe for a long time now. I bought our first pair of sweatpants and jeans about 7 years ago and since then many more NS clothes have ended up being favourites with the kids (the first sweatpants are still being used by little brother right now). They have just released their AW13 collection and there are some great new styles for both boys and girls who are after cool, soft design.

Nova Star was created by Helena Orlenius in 2004, when she had her first child, Novalieh. The style of the label is inspired by street fashion. Comfortable and functional clothes with great quality for a lot of adventures. Sizes run from 68 - 150 (3m - 12 yrs).

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Oii barnkläder carries a big range of their collections and they ship worldwide.



  1. Those jeans looks so comfortable, will have to get some for my William, and maybe that denim shirt too! Thank you for showcasing so many nice new labels (or at least they are new to us)

    1. Hi Cath,
      we have several of their jeans and they are really great so I can definitely recommend them. They run slightly larger in size so don't go up in size if you plan to buy some :) Glad you like the Brand Watches - have a lovely weekend.


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