Thursday, October 22, 2015

MOMENTS | Weekend Exploring

D wears: High Water longsleeve  by Kids On The Moon / Oceanus pants by Kids On The Moon / Sweater by Kids On The Moon. M wears: Hoodie by Talc / Tee by I Dig Denim / Skirt by Kids On The Moon

It was a busy weekend with lots of exploring. The weather was great so we decided to head up in the Ranges and just drive around on uncharted tracks. We packed some food and come upon several perfect picnic grounds. The light was magical in the forest and the air was so fresh and crisp. It was easy to spend a few hours up there and by the time we were heading down again it was almost time for evening dinner! A good day outside always makes you tummy hungry and your mind content and the kids seem to never have a moment of being bored as there is so much to do and see in nature.

ps: Can you see that sticks is and always will be the best toy in the world...

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