Saturday, April 25, 2015

Moments | Beach Bound

Winter is sneaking up on us. It tricks us with some warmer days in between but it is pretty clear that a new season is upon us. The wind is cooler and the best bet is to bring a warm hoodie where ever you go these days. Even though the weather offers cooler days there simply is no day you refuse an ice-cream when you are a kid... 

We took in the views, drew in the sand and soaked up the beauty of this coastline. The magnificent views of Cape Woolamai is etched in our memories. The vast beaches, the vivid colours of the ocean and the endless waves that seem to bring out the best in all the surfers. 

We could have stayed here forever... 

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  1. Absolutely love everything MUNSTER, somehow I have missed these hoodys from this season!!! will have to get some for my own munster and missie. Nice photos too!


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