Saturday, November 1, 2014

Moments | Hot n' Cold

D wears: Sleeveless hoodie by LOUD Apparel / Longsleeve by Booso / Jeans by Scotch Shrunk / Shoes by Converse / Sunnies by Fred Bare.

Melbourne has had some strange weather lately. With sudden warm winds coming in from the dessert in the middle of Australia one day and colder winds blowing in from the Antarctic the next, means that we had 32C one day and 15C the next! The only way to be sure not to be too cold or too hot is throw on a sleeveless hoodie! We have always loved them and they are perfect here! If the sun comes out they are still not too hot to be wearing. All of our sleeveless hoodies have been from Minti but this time around we tested a nice statement one from Loud Apparel which we really liked! Great fit and fun text. I am guessing we will get a lot of wear out of this one because the weather forecast is promising more of the same bipolar weather!


  1. Love this A. He is so cool this little dude. Was certain you would go for the scribble sweater for some reason, this was a lovely surprise ❤️ Have a fab sunday ����

    1. Hi Karianne! Ah thank you, yes the scribble sweater was nice but we have always had such great use for sleeveless hoodies here and we are growing out of most of them so this was a very welcome addition to D's wardrobe. Hope you had a wonderful Sunday too!! Ours went way too fast but we had a great day up in the mountains, more in another blog post sometime soon xx


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