Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moments | Sunday at the Rock pools

M wears: Cat Moss dress by Carbon Soldier / Brian Furry Cardigan by Carbon Soldier / Sunglasses by Cotton on Kids. D wears: Top Cat tee by Carbon Soldier / Archie shorts by Carbon Soldier / Sunglasses by Sons + Daughters

The sun is really starting to warm up the bay now. It is funny to think only a few weeks ago it was impossible to be at the bay without a warm sweater or jacket. Now its a place full of happy kids, parents and people on SUP (stand up paddle boards). There is a large rock pool area in Beaumaris and every now and then we head out there to just spend a few hours exploring and seeing what lives in the temporary pools that gather when the tide is out. The kids love it here, and you can really let them go without worrying about deep water or loosing them in a crowd. Here you can see as far as the eye can take you and you get a magnificent view of the bay. There is also a nice little cafe that serves food and coffee and it is a popular walking spot offering different scenery like forest and beach in one place.

It is so nice to finally have the warmer weather here. A chance to let the sun warm your skin and dip your feet into the sea without instantly freezing. We can't wait to have summer here for real soon!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend so far...

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