Saturday, January 18, 2014

Moments | Wild

M wears: Tee by Mini & Maximus / Shorts by Kloo by Booso / Cap by Mini & Maximus. D wears: Top by Kloo by Booso / Pants by Kloo by Booso / Shoes by Hummel Kids / Cap by Vans.

After 5 days of extreme heat we finally saw the end of it and a cool 23c gave us a break outside. It was almost like the wild woke up inside the kids it it was finally possible to run around. I never thought I would welcome cooler weather but today we all did and M celebrated with getting a few jumps in... I still don't know weather to be impressed or terrified, but luckily it was a soft, sand landing and a lot of giggles at the end of it.

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