Friday, May 3, 2013

Moments | A City Oasis

M wears: Dress by YmamaY // Leggings by YmamaY // Shoes by Feiyue shoes // Pom beanie by CTH Mini. D wears: Hoodie by Mini & Maximus // Pants by Mini & Maximus // Hat by Diesel // Shoes by Native.

Sometimes a mistake can turn into something even better. Like this weekend where we were searching for a Sunday market only to find a lovely fauna wild life park instead. Equipped with a nice playground and an almost magical little forest full of amazing Australian fauna and plants. The kids were in their true element and explored every nook they could get into. It is quite extraordinary what you can find almost in the middle of a busy suburb of Melbourne. A while back I got acquainted by the lovely owners of the New Zealand label YmamaY (why mama why). I fell in love with their simplicity and nice designs and also their garments with the lovely angel wings on the back. Well this outfit is something M got last week and she was very eager to try it out straight away. It is so perfect for her, and since it is a long sleeve it will be well used this winter, together with the stripey leggings.

Right next to the wild fauna park there is a big field which was an excellent excuse to kick a ball around with the kids. Of course it was more of a family mosh pit with a ball under us and a heap of giggles and some promises of getting in some more exercise... All in all a lovely Sunday and a good reminder that everything doesn't need to be planned to be a successful weekend. Sometimes, something better is just hiding around the corner ;)


  1. Wow,beautiful photos.What lens did you use?thank you:)

    1. Hi.. Thank you!
      I used a Canon 50mm for these shots.


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