Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Swim!

We were on the hunt for a new swimsuit for my daughter M. Her old RipCurl has been worn so many times you can almost see through it. Not a biggy I thought.. there must be some nice swimsuits to choose between out there... and there was! So much that we had a hard time choosing one. We like this style, it works well on the Aussie beaches and works just as well in the pool at swim school. Here are a few we had a look at.

In the end she chose a completely different one.

From the left:
1.Ej Sikke Lej 2. Ej Sikke Lej 3. Molo 4. Danefæ 5. Katvig 6.Danefæ
7. Danefæ 8. Danefæ 9. Småfolk

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