Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alphabet Heroes

Fabian Gonzalez's love for superheroes brings back a wave of childhood nostalgia in latest illustration of ABCs in true superhero style! Standing in the first row are Aquaman, Batman, Cyclops and Daredevil...can you name the rest?

a. aquaman, b. batman, c. cyclops, d. daredevil, e. elektra, f. flash gordon, g. green lantern h. the hulk, i. iron man, j. justice, k. kick-ass, l. lion-o, m. mandrake the magician, n. nightcrawler, o. orion, p. punisher, q. quicksilver, r. rorschach, s. superman, t. the thing, u. ultra boy, v. vision, w. wolverine,
x. xavier, y. yukk! z. zorro

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